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    Big Moon Sky

    Big Moon Sky is the California’s first cannabis store offering Cannabis Delivery in California with the largest collection of Cannabis Products. Providing curated cannabis infused brownies, edibles, vape oil, tincture. Experience the high quality, consistent cannabis products.

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    Flower Farm

    *Organic Growers Focused on Patients Over Profits* ****Orange County’s Premier Delivery Service**** •Clean Quality Meds •Returning Patient Specials •Fast & Organized Deliveries •Friendly and Reliable Drivers •$50 Minimum Donation All deliveries will be discrete and professional and we will do our best to meet any request or needs upon delivery. Additional inquiries or comments please feel free to call, text or email us. 100% product satisfaction We are a non-profit mutual benefit corporation in strict compliance with Prop 215, SB 420 and H&S codes 11362.5 & 11362.7.

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    Mr Clone

    why us? What makes Mr. Clone superior to all other clone companies? Why do our cuts produce better quality buds with higher yields every time? Here is a detailed breakdown of how and why. All of our strain mom’s come from seeds not clones. This guarantees we are getting the correct strains and genetics. It also ensures you start off with a healthy, pest and pathogen free plant. How to Confirm A Plant was Grown From Seed There are two characteristics that all marijuana plants grown from seed have that a plant grown from a clone / cutting will not have. The first thing to look for is to look at the branching at the base of the stalk. If the branch pattern is in pairs of two’s (one branch growing at the same level as another branch but on the direct opposite side of the stalk) at the base of the stalk then it’s almost definitely a marijuana plant grown from seed, not a clone. ( Example picture is in our photos section ) A cannabis plant grown from a clone / clipping will have staggered branching at the base of the stalk. The other thing to look for is concentric rings (indentations) around the base of the stalk. This is something only a marijuana plant grown from seed will have