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    ****$10 GRAM TOP SHELF OG’S**** We are a Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Organization providing safe access for all medical members. Our motto here is “Highest quality lowest donations.” Our staff is very informative and friendly providing the best service in the I.E.! WE ARE OPEN 9am -10pm 365 DAYS A YEAR!!!! Home of THE REAL True OG! $10 Cap on ALL topshelf strains! Outdoor and Greenhouse strains also available!! Delicious edibles available in a variety of flavors and strengths from Taste BUD Heaven! COME SEE US TODAY!!! WE CAN’T WAIT TO HELP YOU!!! Please remember to bring your ORIGINAL DOCTOR’S RECOMMENDATION and VALID CA Drivers Licence or ID or PASSPORT! Thank you for your cooperation!! !!!!!!ATTENTION MEMBER’S APOTHECARY MEMBERS!!!!!! All of our donation suggestions are subject to standard CA state sales tax. More information can be obtained when you visit us! Thanks again for your cooperation!!

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