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    Welcome to Natures Leaf Collective!!!! Welcome to Nature’s Leaf! Tired of paying outrageous prices for your meds??? We provide ALL top shelf strains for affordable prices at all times. Enjoy the latest edition to the San Diego walk in dispensaries – Natures Leaf is here to provide you with high quality medication at affordable prices. ***New members will receive 1 glass pipe as well as a pre-roll or a baby edible. All new members must be verified. Please have all information available. We are a legal non-profit corporation in the state of California and all of our activities are legal under California State Law SB 420. Our goal Here at Natures Leaf is to provide patients with quality medicine at an affordable price. We strive on a positive vibe and to make sure that every patient is left with the same! Natures Leaf will insure a positive experience from start to finish. It is very important to us that we are there for you at your time of need… Quality: Because we started out as growers we really do understand quality and it is important to us that we provide good quality medicine. Variety: This is one of the most important aspects of this service. To be able to meet the needs of you the patient requires a solid variety of medications. Consistency: We guarantee all of our products 100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will put you at the top of our list to make sure we take full care of your needs. We take great pride in the process that we use to grow our medication and hope that the quality and satisfaction of the patient is above today’s standards… Because we grow in a completely sealed environment it allows us to use softer nutrients as well no pesticides. Our grow environment is 100% controlled with all state of the art systems that allow us to keep a consistent temperature and humidity. This means no mold or bacteria!

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