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    ****Bomb Top shelf INDICA’S $35Cap**** FTP’s receive a joint or edible. 2 or $5 wax hits. CITY COMPASSIONATE CAREGIVERS (CCC) A PRE-ICO COLLECTIVE CCC Is in strict compliance with California’s Health and Safety Code 111362.5 and 11362.7. In compliance with state regulations we will only serve qualified patients and/or caregivers who are 18 years and older. Once you become a registered member at CCC you will receive all of what our collective has to offer but first patients must have with a verifiable letter from their physician recommending the use medicinal cannabis. City Compassionate Caregivers Membership are for patients who are suffering with: HIV/AIDS some cancers multiple-sclerosis chronic pain Insomnia anorexia depression and numerous of other serious illnesses. **NEW PATIENTS- MUST BRING ORIGINAL VALID RECOMMENDATION with A VALID CALIFORNIA ID/DL. ***RETURNING PATIENTS-MUST BRING VALID CALI ID /DL AND MUST HAVE EITHER THE ORIGINAL RECOMMENDATION CARD OR COPY OF RECOMMENDATION. **NOTE: ALL SPECIALS ARE WHILE SUPPLE LAST AND CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER*** WE GIVE COMPASSION!!! ….ask our budtenders for details! *REFER A PATIENT AND GET A FREE GIFT *BIRTHDAY GIFT’S *SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE(SSI) *VETERAN UPGRADE *SENIOR UPGRADE *DISABILITY UPGRADE *ATM MACHINE ON SITE *GREAT (FRESH) SELECTION OF MEDS *RANDOM GIVEAWAYS *PATIENT APPRECIATION DAY ***PARKING AVAILABLE ON 4TH ST(NOT FROM 4PM-6PM Monday-Friday ) ALSO PARKING AVAILABLE ON STANDARD AVE BETWEEN 4TH and 5TH STREET. LOCATED OFF THE 101 110 10 and 5 FREEWAYS

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