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    FTP HAS THE CHOICE OF: A 5G 1/8 OR 0.5G EXTRA ON A GRAM FOR SELECTED STRAINS A GOODIE BAG FOR ANY OF OUR D.O.G.O DEALS OR A JOINT AND A GOODIE BAG WHICH INCLUDES A PIPE LIGHTER AND GRINDER WITH PRIVATE RESERVE STRAINS. PRE-ICO COLLECTIVE WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW COMPLIANT LOCATION: 1901 S. ALAMEDA ST. #112 LA 90058. FTP WELCOME. ALL 1/8 ARE 4G THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A LOYAL PATIENTS AND WE’LL HOPE TO SEE YOU AT OUR NEW LOCATION. CPR is one of the first original Pre-ICO Prop “D” compliant Collective Acting In Compliance With All State and Federal Regulations.We offer off-street convenient and secure private parking.Our medicine is of the highest quality.We typically offer 25 – 30 Different Strains.In addition our staff is courteous knowledgeable and professional.We’re conveniently located off the 10 freeway on the corner of S. Alameda St. and Washington Blvd. Many strains are on special. We have over 15 top shelf O.G.’S in stock! First time patients gift with the min donation.TO BECOME A MEMBER OF COMPASSIONATE PATIENT RESOURCES YOU MUST HAVE A VALID CALIFORNIA DRIVERS LICENSE OR CALIFORNIA ID CARD AND AN ORIGINAL COPY OF A CALIFORNIA DOCTORS RECOMMENDATION FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA NO EXCEPTIONS ! COME CHECK US OUT WE LOVE ALL OUR PATIENTS OLD AND NEW! PETS WELCOME!

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