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    TONS OF 4:20 SPECIALS AND SMOKING LOUNGE! COME JOIN OUR PARTY ON 4:20!!!! OPEN 12AM-12AM 24 HOURS!! WE HAVE THE BEST B.O.G.O.S IN TOWN! ALL B.O.G.O.S ARE WEIGHED AT 8 FAT GRAMS! WE OFFER 5 GRAM 1/8’S AND 10 GRAM DEALS ON OVER 60 STRAINS ALL DAY EVERY DAY! COME AND ENJOY OUR HUGE LOUNGE FTP GET EVERYTHING FOR 10 A GRAM AND A FREE YODA OG JOINT! Located just off of the 110 freeway in between W61th ST. and W62nd St we are sure to be just a short commute regardless of where you’re at. Open everyday from 8:00a.m to 1:00am and with such a great selection of medicine to choose from we are sure to hit every patients sweet tooth! With D.O.G.O specials 2 gram specials 5 gram specials and 10 gram specials we are sure to accomidate any patient regardless of the needs that you require. So come on down and discover your new favorite dispensary!!!!!! Our goal here at Main Spot is to welcome every one of our patients with open arms. We understand that every patient has a different issue which requires them to use medical marijuana versus other various forms of medicine. With countless strains in house we are certain that the medicine provided will be able to accomidate every patient regardless of the needs that they require. All of us down here at Main Spot welcome you and look forward to providing you with the best medication that the Los Angeles area can offer

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