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    All smoke-able and edible products are tested through SC Labs. Lab results are valid for over 60 days however 420Seeker will only post results for 30 days. Consult with any of our budtenders for a complete list of test results not shown by 420Seeker. Herbal Cruz is a medical marijuana collective located in the heart of Santa Cruz California. Our focus is providing the highest quality alternative medicine for patients that have tried everything else. We want to help you reach a state of well being and allow yourself to love the things you do. We want to get you back to a healthy and happy life. If you are struggling with disease or chronic pain we can help alleviate your suffering. We are here to support you and provide you with all of the resources that you need. We provide safe access to marijuana so that patients can achieve the highest possible quality of life. Herbal Cruz Inc. is a registered California non-profit corporation that is formed and operated by its members for its members. Working with patients as prescribed by a licensed physician in compliance with SB420 and Proposition 215.

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