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    Welcome to Trenchtown Medical Marijuana Center – Music Art and Love Inspired Cannabis. Trenchtown is a Denver Colorado Medical Marijuana Center dedicated to providing high quality and affordable cannabis to patients.We aim to educate our patients about cannabis treatments and other alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine. Trenchtown advocates for a change change in the way medical cannabis is sold change in the way medical cannabis is regulated and change in the way medical cannabis is viewed. We seek to be a voice for the implementation of the best practices in our industry. The Trenchtown brand was launched on August 5th 2011. Trenchtown launched on the belief that many patients are not happy with the new look of their primary caregiver. The Trenchtown brand is about people first not profits. As Trenchtown grows our advocacy and patient services grow too. “We are grateful for Trenchtown. Many patients’ conditions have greatly improved through the use of cannabis for pain management nausea harm reduction and other valuable medical uses.” – Dr. Ken L. Trenchtown Daily Specials- Discounts Available for Everyone! Members save more on most daily specials! Munchie Monday- 30% off all edibles and drinks Twofer Tueday- 2 Joints for $5.00 Waxy Wednesday- 1 Gram of Budder/Wax for $25 Tincture/Topical Thursday- 30% off all tinctures and topicals Feel Good Friday- Donate one non-perishable food or clothing item and receive a Gram of flower of your choice for only $5!!! Donations go to The Action Center in Lakewood! Saturday Shatterday- 1 Gram of Shatter Oil only $30! (limit 2 per patient when inventory allows) Sunday-Closed.

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