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    www.VerdeDenver.CO Owned and operated by a 6-time Cannabis Cup winner Verde is dedicated to providing patients with only the highest quality medicines. Verde’s mission is to provide top quality service of the highest grade medical marijuana. With decades of experience behind them the Verde team focuses on each individual harvest maintaining strict standards of quality and sanitation. Verde focuses on providing their patients with a healthy variety of proven strains opposed to inundating them with mundane choices of sub-par production or low-potency genetics. The strain selection may seem humble compared to some; this is intentional. Each strain is specifically chosen for it’s superior genetic traits and only select phenotypes are used to produce medicine. Then the cultivation environment is dialed in for each particular strain revealing the unique qualities that each has to offer. Quality control is maintained throughout the cultivation transportation storage and presentation of the medicine. We ensure no degradation of the product through machine-trimming or compressed storage quick drying or curing air or heat damage. Nothing is displayed on the shelves except the highest grades. If we feel any harvest is less-than-the-best we do not offer it to our patients. This dedication to quality-only product allows new patients to make a safe decision regardless of their knowledge of art of Cannabis and provides a “no-bull” selection for more experienced patients.

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