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    Rip City Remedies offers the largest selection of Oregon Grown Organic Medicine. We are a nonprofit Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) Cannabis Club for patients growers and caregivers collectively dedicated to making medical cannabis more accessible for card holding patients. We follow all guidelines set forth by ORS 475.300-475.46. We help provide easily accessible medication for patients in need. We are wheelchair accessible with a side parking lot and neighborhood parking. We offer multiple services for patients suffering from debilitating conditions such as severe pain severe nausea persistent muscle spasms seizures Alzheimer’s disease cancer glaucoma HIV cachexia epilespsy GERD IBS multiple sclerosis and more. We also have available edible medicated foods of all sorts hash oils salves creams tinctures and cannabutter. We offer the widest local selection of organically grown variety of flowers and have pest and disease free clones of many strains available upon request. 1. Who is your service for? A: Our services are for up-to date and valid OMMP patients their caregivers and growers with proof of ID. 2. Is your service legal how is it legal? A: Under state law and LEAP programs OMMP is tolerated but under federal law the sale/purchase/possession of Marijuana is not legal. For more information read the PDF at: http://public.health.oregon.gov/DiseasesConditions/ChronicDisease/ MedicalMarijuanaProgram/Pages/475a.aspx and clicking “ORS 475.300 – 475.346 (pdf)”. We recommend all patients and participants of our service know the law for your protection and ours. 3. How do I get my OMMP card? A: Go to a local alternative medical clinic or another provider with your chart notes (records) for the last 3 doctors’ visits for your condition (which includes but is not limited to; Chronic Severe Pain Chronic Nausea Chronic Muscle Spasms Glaucoma Cancer AIDS/HIV Arthritis Asthma Hepatitis C Cachexia Crohn’s disease GERD IBS Multiple Sclerosis ALS Neuropathy Seizure Disorders Parkinson’s disease) and they will guide you. 4. Why is Rip City Remedies the spot for me? A: We are completely within the law and are advised and backed by some of the leading Oregon Medical Marijuana Program lawyers. We also protect you and ourselves by being strict about wording and lingo used on our ads and during our interactions with you. We know the law and we make sure we are always within it. We also provide medically lab tested flowers that are always organically grown for quality and safety for the health our patients. Non-organic and pesticide use can be harmful and counteract the medical qualities of marijuana products. 5. Can I buy meds? THERE IS NO BUYING OR SELLING OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA ALLOWED IN THE STATE OF OREGON AT THIS TIME! A: As the law currently stands no one may purchase or sell marijuana in Oregon and still be protected by OMMP law. The grower may be reimbursed by a patient for costs associated with growing but not for time or effort. We will correct anyone that uses any terms referencing sales/buying of Medical Marijuana and refuse service to anyone that does not follow our simple rules. 6. Can I donate meds? A: Yes if you are a grower/patient that grows your own meds for you or your patient and they have signed contracts allowing your to disperse the excess meeds to help others who cannot produce their own. We prefer to work on a reimbursement basis. 7. If I already have a grower can I still use your service? A: Yes our service is perfect for those that already have a grower but haven’t gotten meds yet. Our service does not interfere with your current arrangements for meds and is only an additional option for receiving the help you need. 8. If I am not an OMMP patient or am part of an out of state medical marijuana program may I use your service? A: Unfortunately for your protection and ours our service is only available to valid card holding OMMP patients that are Oregon residents with proof of ID. 9. What is the minimum and maximum amount of meds I can be donated or reimburse for through your service? A: We have no minimun and a maximum of 28 grams (under 1 ounce) for first time patients. Trusted patients will then be able to be given the max amount we can provide at that time and the maximum that OMMP law allows. 10. I’m too sick to meet people; can someone get my meds for me? A: Our service is only for valid OMMP patients but we offer our service to valid OMMP caregivers that have their card for those patients too sick or unable to get meds they must have their Caregivers card and valid Oregon ID. 11. Can you give me clones/cuts/starts and/or can I reimburse you for them? A: Yes for patients that need help getting started growing their own we can get pest and disease free clones upon request. 12. Will you grow my meds for me? A: At this time we have the maximum amount of cards you can have per grower but we will potentially offer this as a service in the future for those that can’t grow their own meds and are willing to sign a contract. 13. Do I get added to a list do you keep records and what do you do to protect my confidentiality? A: No we do not keep a record of your information on file however we do check your OMMP ID and regular ID every time you come in.

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