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    Our strain varieties are all 100% Organically Grown for your medicating pleasure. We are excited to introduce our members to our new favorite CO2 Cartridge Refills by Oracle Extracts! Donations for refills are set for $40 and are 250mg of organically grown goodness! Furthermore the test results on these refills are mind blowing; nothing has come in under 55%!!! We also have new refillable cartridge/pen units available! CBD refills coming soon! Check us out on facebook! Updates Daily (or close to) We are located at mile marker “9” on Chuckanut Dr. in the middle of the flats of Skagit Valley just a stone’s throw from the beach and in an oasis of bamboo and blissful gardens. We like to think of ourselves as more than just a medical dispensary but as a place one can take their time to relax and enjoy the majestic hills riddled with evergreens. We take pride in not only our meds but in our encompassing environment and strive to be as green as possible in every aspect.

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