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    We are a medical cannabis club for patients offering experienced knowledge a friendly teaching environment and of course a safe access point for your medication. We have a non-patient friendly lobby equipped with TV popcorn and coffee kids games and magazines so families and friends can feel comfortable waiting outside of our “Members Only” area. We’re a non profit members only cannabis patient’s access point serving only compliant Washington State RCW 69.51a patients. Every donation you make contributes to helping keep our lights on help a local farmer keep his lights on or to the many club benefits you will experience here! We are a private club meaning your information is always confidential and safe. If we suspect a member of our club to be breaking a law we permanently ban them from membership. We take our time with each individual patient and are always willing to help you find the most effective ways to medicate for your personal needs because we want you to know we sincerely care. We are proud of our medicine and proud of being a different kind of medical collective that is focused on consistent top quality meds showing sincere appreciation to our patients and providing a comfortable safe atmosphere for you to get all that you want from the medical cannabis community. New patients are always welcome!

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