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    Top Shelf Specials $8g to $150oz. Rotating $25 specials on TOP TOP SHELF *Free* Pre-Rolls with a donation on Wednesdays. *Free* Pre-Rolls for referrals and new patients with a donation. Greenhouse grade AAA $6(g) $18(1/8) $30(1/4) $55(1/2) $100(1oz)- Top Greenhouse Grade $7(g) $20 (1/8) $35 (1/4) $65 (1/2) $120 (1oz) Top indoor grade AAA $9(g) $28(1/8) $55(1/4) $105(1/2) $200(1oz)!!! WE HAVE OVER 30 DIFFERENT STRAINS TO CHOOSE FROM!!! …..WE ARE HERE TO SERVE ALL PATIENTS IN GETTING THE MOST MEDICINE FOR THE LOWEST DONATION POSSIBLE……ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX INCLUDED………

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